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Who We Serve

The Elder Justice Center of Alabama serves all people who want to prevent adult mistreatment from occurring in their community. We place a special focus to provide direct support to victims of abuse, neglect, and exploitation, those who are at the greatest risk of mistreatment, and family caregivers.

The Center also provides extensive education and training for professionals, members of the community, and caregivers so they can learn how to spot, stop, and avoid these crimes.

The Center serves as a primary Elder Justice Resource Center for elder justice resources, education, training, and direct support for the sole purpose to further our mission to mobilize communities to prevent and properly respond to adult mistreatment so people can live with dignity, security, and independence as they age.

Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about how to prevent, detect, and report adult mistreatment in your local community. The Center staff and partners are available to give educational presentations and provide resources free of charge.