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The Center for Elder Justice & Advocacy works to build a stronger social structure around older adults, so we can reduce isolation and stop abuse and neglect before they start. We all want to age in place with dignity, respect, and independence.
In our society, older people, for example, are often isolated and alone, which increases the likelihood of neglect and abuse. We can create a more just society for all people—regardless of our age—by building a stronger social structure. Elder abuse is a serious health pandemic that we all should care about and eliminate in Alabama.
The Center for Elder Justice & Advocacy is here to support family caregivers so you can carry on your incredible caregiving journey to better support your loved one. You are not alone, and we are here to provide you with support, tools, and resources.

Alabama Department of Human Resources (Adult Abuse Hotline)

Protects elderly and disabled adults from abuse, neglect, and exploitation and www.dhr.alabama.govprevents unnecessary institutionalization.

Alabama Department of Senior Services (ADSS)

Provides a wide array of services and programs to seniors and persons with disabilities of any age.

Attorney General’s Office - Consumer Protection Victim Assistance

Serves as legal counsel to Alabama’s state agencies, departments, and officers.

National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) Eldercare Locator Service

Provides information and links to services on crimes against the elderly, including financial exploitation.

The National Center for Victims of Crime

Provides national advocacy for victims of all crimes.

Caregiver Corner

The Center for Elder Justice & Advocacy makes it a priority to provide ongoing assistance, tools, and resources for family caregivers so they can stay strong and know they are not alone in their caregiving journey. We understand the importance for family caregivers to have easy access to the help and information they need to keep their loved ones safely at home while also taking good care of themselves to continue to provide proper care to their loved one.

We have created the Caregiver Corner section of our website with you, the family caregiver in mind. We hope you find the information valuable and timely.